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Remove Rust From Metal Garage Door Springs And Prevent Additional Corrosion

Rusted metal springs that are attached to a garage door can cause an unpleasant screeching noise and difficulty with opening or closing the door when you wish to enter or exit your garage. Remove the rust and clean the springs by following these instructions. Afterwards, apply a rust-inhibitor to the springs to protect them from becoming corroded again. 


  • step ladder 
  • naval jelly
  • sponges
  • wire scrub brush
  • spray bottle
  • industrial-strength detergent
  • water
  • lint-free cloth
  • drop cloth
  • rust-inhibiting spray
  • face mask

Secure The Garage Door And Remove The Rust

Go inside of the garage and close and lock the door. Set up a step ladder near the door’s interior so that you can access the springs. The springs will look like long cylinders that are placed horizontally towards the top of the door. Locate corrosion on their surface. Use a sponge to apply a thick coat of naval jelly to each rust spot. The jelly will begin to dissolve the rust after it penetrates the corroded surfaces for several minutes.

Use a wire scrub brush to scrape away any thick sections of rust. Apply more naval jelly to the springs if all of the rust does not dissolve with the first treatment.

Clean The Metal And Apply A Rust-Inhibitor

Fill an empty spray bottle with equal amounts of industrial-strength detergent and water. Mix the contents in the bottle. Spray the springs with the cleaning solution. Wipe away dirty residue or naval jelly that remains on metal surfaces with a damp sponge. Once the springs are clean, dry the metal with a lint-free cloth.

Place a tarp on the floor so that its surface is not exposed to the rust-inhibiting spray. Put on a face mask so that you do not breathe in harsh fumes that the spray emits. Apply an even coat of spray to the springs. Wait for the product to dry thoroughly before opening the garage door. 

Open and close the garage door a few times to make sure that it is operating correctly. The springs will be protected from corrosion, but a new coat of spray may need to be applied in the future. Visually inspect the springs occasionally to make sure that they are rust-free. Keep your garage door closed when it is raining or humid outdoors and keep the garage’s windows closed to prevent moisture from becoming an issue inside the garage, which could promote corrosion. Reapply more rust-inhibiting spray to the springs when it is needed.

If there are still issues with your garage door springs, contact a garage door repair company.

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Tips For Those Considering Installing A Garage Door

Automatic garage doors are great for allowing you to easily enter and exit a garage. However, these systems require complicated and powerful motors to raise the door. Unfortunately, these systems can encounter some fairly routine problems, which will need to be managed in order to keep the door running smoothly. For new homeowners considering installing automatic garage doors, it is important to consider a couple of tips prior to installation to keep this investment safe from routine issues.

Opt For Garage Doors With Dual Springs

The garage door spring is one of the most important parts of these systems because they will be responsible for shouldering the brunt of the weight of the door. Unfortunately, many garage doors only come equipped with a single spring, and this can cause it to be responsible for the entirety of his massive weight.

However, the spring can suffer extreme warping and wear due to these extreme weights, which can eventually cause the spring to fail. To minimize the risks of the garage door spring snapping, you should invest in a dual spring door. By having two springs, the weight of the garage door will be more evenly distributed, which can help lower the amount of wear that the springs sustain.

Invest In Battery Backups

Power outages are an unavoidable problem that your home will experience at some point in the future. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that lack the foresight to install backup power sources for the garage door. While these doors often have manual releases, it can take a lot of strength to lift these doors, which can be difficult for those with health problems. As a result, these power outages can cause your car to be stuck inside or outside until the power is restored.

Minimizing these routine risks will require installing a battery backup for the garage door. These power sources can activate as soon as a loss of power is detected, which can ensure you are able to use the garage door regardless of whether the power is out.

If you are considering installing an automatic garage door, it is important for you to be informed about getting the most from this upgrade to your house. For those that are unfamiliar with garage doors, understanding the value of opting for dual spring doors and investing in battery backups can help you to get the most from your garage door by avoiding some common problems with these systems. Contact a business, such as the Crawford Door Company, for more information.   

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How a New Automatic Door Can Up Your Small Business Game

When you’re a small business that needs to up your game to compete with commercial outlets and stand out in a crowded retail area, you need to consider what automatic doors can offer. Automatic doors can help you up your small business game so that your facade is more accessible, approachable, and current in a competitive market. So if you’re still working with outdated access points, you should know what an automatic door can do for your small business.

Appearances Matter

The look of your commercial fa├žade is what draws new clientele in, and it can keep current customers coming back for more. So making a cosmetic update with automatic doors can be a statement change that you need to direct customers to your establishment. With over-sized glass in both sliding and revolving options, automatic doors increase natural light into your commercial interior, enhancing the way your business looks and feels to outsiders. And with frameless options, as well as distinct metal frames that include everything from polished chrome to powder-coated steel, you can get the exact style from new automatic doors that compliment your business style and attitude in everyday operations.

Open Your Doors

Installing automatic doors where manual entry ones once stood is a step toward increasing accessibility to the public. You’ll not only increase traffic with a look that appeals to new clientele, but you can invite a more diverse array of customers with automated doors. Automatic controls on doors recognize a person approaching your storefront and open the doors for them to enter without lifting a finger, which can be crucial to those with disabilities or special needs. Even if a potential customer doesn’t have a disability, doors that function automatically can entice passersby to engage with your storefront more readily if they want fast access or entry that doesn’t require them to free their hands.

Automate Your Operations

Having doors that open and close whenever groups are near your entrance can break up crowds from gathering, and automated controls on doors (as well as security camera features) help you to keep an eye on things even if all personnel are busy. And though automatic doors offer security features that help to improve your small business operations for theft and vandalism deterrence, having controls for your doors can also help contribute to energy savings throughout the year as well. Acting as a tight seal to keep out external temperature extremes, trash, and environmental pollutants, automatic doors contribute to a healthier, cleaner, and more efficient way to manage your small business while you operate day-to-day.

For more information, talk to a door expert like Access Door & Glass Inc.

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2 Window Replacements That Make Your Home Easier To Clean

Choosing to replace your windows is a great way to take advantage of the many different types of available windows that can benefit you in a variety of ways. One great type of window is the kind that will make your home easier to clean, such as the ones discussed below. 

Enclosed Blinds

One of the problems with having blinds on your windows is that they can attract quite a bit of dust. This will not only lead to you having to take time out of your day to dust them, but it can also lead to the air quality in your home becoming worse over time. This dust can also be an issue for people in your home that suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

A great way to eliminate this problem is to buy a type of window that actually encases your blinds between two pieces of glass. The only part of these blinds that will be accessible are the parts needed to manipulate the blinds. This means that dust will not be able to reach the blinds, which also means that you can remove dusting the blinds from your list of household chores.

A nice side benefit to this type of window is that the blinds will be protected from your pets. Since blinds are typically going to be quite fragile, a dog or cat that wants to be able to look outside can easily destroy them. However, with the blinds enclosed between the panes of glass, your pet will not be able to access and destroy the blinds.


Another great option if you want to make your house easier to clean is to purchase windows that are double-hung. A double-hung window has the option to open the window into your home, which will allow you to clean both the inside and outside surfaces of the glass without having to leave your house.

This is quite a bit safer and more convenient than traditional windows. With traditional windows, you would end up having to go outside and walk from window to window if you wanted perfectly clean windows. If you have a home with multiple levels, the problem becomes even worse as you would either have to forego washing your windows or climb a ladder to reach and clean the upper level windows, which can be dangerous and time-consuming.

Speak to a contractor and/or window dealer today in order to discuss what kind of replacement windows would fit your home and budget. Double-hung windows and windows with enclosed blinds are great choices if you want to make your home a bit easier to clean.

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